Smart, intelligent & PRECISEData Platform

The QUS BODY DATA PLATFORM consists of six components that combine the technologies and services of QUS – all developed in Styria and made in Europe. The smart combination of all hardware & software components with the algorithms of the body data analysis allows QUS to develop and provide individual, innovative and disruptive body data services for the most diverse areas and use cases.

The unique QUS TEXTILE SENSOR TECHNOLOGY, which is directly processed in smart textiles, records vital data with the highest possible precision. This data forms the foundation of the QUS BODY DATA PLATFORM.

QUS is the only supplier on the market to have succeeded in developing a SMART TEXTILE GARMENT TECHNOLOGY that combines the highly sensitive sensor technology with the textile in such a way that vital data is recorded directly on the body and the textile can still be – and remains – washable.

The QUS ON-BOARD-UNIT is an ultra-light, extremely small high-tech computer that is clipped directly onto the textile and collects, processes and transmits the recorded vital and movement data to the QUS BODY DATA PLATFORM.

Using complex algorithms and statistical models, QUS DATA PROCESSING enables meaningful insights to be gained from the data collected by the smart QUS TECHNOLOGY, identifying patterns and thus improving the user’s health and performance.

In the QUS DATABASE, a wide range of vital and movement data is collected, merged and linked together – all in real time. Based on the information stored absolutely securely in the QUS DATABASE, the user not only gets an overview of health and fitness, but also personal recommendations.

QUS SOFTWARE TOOLS – the QUS Performance Platform, QUS Live Tracking, QUS Coach and QUS Mobile App – are indispensable tools for anyone looking to improve performance and realize potential. All QUS SOFTWARE TOOLS can be integrated into existing systems and workflows.


The QUS BODY DATA PLATFORM is open for use in many different application areas. It can be used wherever high-precision vital and body data needs to be recorded, intelligently processed and used in a smart way.


In sports and fitness applications, QUS performs at the highest level.


QUS minimizes individual risk of injury, maximizes team power and performance.


With the help of highly precise vital data, QUS contributes to the maintenance of physical health.


Working in risky situations requires maximum possible safety - QUS makes risk measurable.


Precise vital data also form the basis for the well-being and health of our animals.


QUS ensures safety for those who are on duty for our safety.



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